About XRSeattle

We need YOU for our rebellion against climate, environmental and social injustice!

XR Seattle chapter formed in 2018.  The 4 demands  of Extinction Rebellion are for the government and corporations to TELL THE TRUTH about the Climate and Ecological Crisis, for society to ACT NOW, for the government to hold Citizens’ Assemblies, and for systemic changes to center a just transition. 

In 2019, 150 people conducted a die-in at the Amazon Spheres to call attention to the crises.

 The pandemic made Non-Violent Direct Action difficult, but we joined with 350 Seattle in finance related protests focusing on Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo Banks.  We have worked with Stop the Money Pipeline, Seattle Cruise Control, and Food and Water Watch.  

Since Cruises are detrimental to the environment and infamous for low pay and poor working conditions, we have joined with Seattle Cruise Control to protest cruises with die-ins, rallies and educational events.  We have also joined Stop the Money Pipeline and XRSFBay in San Francisco to protest Chase Bank’s Corporate Challenge run.  Several of our members occupied Patty Murray’s office in August 2022 to bring to light the ‘Manchin Dirty Deal.’ We have partnered with Scientist’s Rebellion and Guardian’s Rebellion in Ban Private Jets actions at the King County International Airport in November 2022 and February 2023.  

Our work continues with our focus on aviation, funding of the climate crisis, cruises, Amazon’s unfair labor practices and corporate malfeasance, and the mainstream media’s complicity in underreporting the underlying factors of the crisis.