Climate Justice Groups Shut Down 5 Banks in Seattle

Climate Justice Groups Shut Down 5 Banks to Protest Wall Street’s Continued Financing of Climate Destruction

Groups involved: 350 Seattle, Extinction Rebellion Seattle, GreenFaith, PSARA (Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action), Stop the Money Pipeline, Third Act Puget Sound (TAPS) 

Seattle, April 25, 2023:  Activists from six local climate justice groups have disrupted banking operations in 5 area banks, demanding an end to continued funding of the fossil fuel industry.  

  • Extinction Rebellion Seattle has disrupted business as usual at Wells Fargo headquarters at 3rd and Madison 
  • 350 Seattle/Stop the Money Pipeline’s Toxic Assets have stopped business at Wells Fargo at Broadway E and E Republican, dealing with an “oil spill caused by corporate greed”
  • GreenFaith is disrupting business with an interfaith worship service being held at a Bank of America at Broadway E and E Thomas
  • PSARA and TAPS are picketing dirty banks along Market Street in Ballard

“I feel powerless as an individual against the fossil fuel industry. We have the tools to create a just transition, yet the banks use our money to fund all of the corporations destroying our planet and our future. Today we stand together to take back our future, and demand our financial institutions defund climate chaos!” -Will Livernois, organizer with Extinction Rebellion Seattle

“We must awaken to the fact that big banks are not capable of making moral choices. It is in our hands to take back our power. We can do that by moving our money to local banks or credit unions that invest in the building up of our community rather than big banks that invest in fossil fuel projects that tear down our future.”  – Abby Brockway, GreenFaith

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