Groundhog Day Climate Action: Breaking the Silence in Seattle


Seattle, WA,  – On Groundhog Day, a day known for repetition and predictability, climate activists, including teachers, scientists, and concerned citizens, will gather in front of the KOMO TV station at 11AM as part of the national “Break Climate Silence” action. Hosted by the Seattle chapter of Extinction Rebellion in coalition with other chapters across the country, including Portland, Los Angeles, Tucson, and Chicago Extinction Rebellion chapters, this event aims to challenge the media’s silence on the climate crisis and demand that climate issues become front and center in the news. We will share areas where the media is not meeting its civic duty and ways they can improve.

“Climate change is not just an environmental issue; it affects every aspect of our lives, from public health to the economy”
says Rebecca Cate, Extinction Rebellion Seattle. “The media must convey the urgency of the crisis, and connect the dots between climate change and the many problems we face, including declining agricultural output, migration, and urban heat islands.”

“The news media need to not only cover the problems, but also the solutions. They must explain what is happening, why it matters, and, above all, how we can fix it by promoting humane solutions like reducing consumerism and stopping the buildout of fossil fuel infrastructure,” says Jim Bernthal, Third Act, 350 Seattle and XRSeattle.  “It’s important to listen to climate activists like Bill Mckibben who have devoted decades of work to this issue and who’s solutions have largely been ignored by the press.”

“We call on the media not to politicize climate solutions but to explain them,” Andrea O’Ferrall, Extinction Rebellion

The “Break Climate Silence” day of action is a call to action for journalists and news organizations to fulfill their role as truth-tellers and inform the public about the most critical issue of our time: climate change. This Groundhog Day, we break the cycle of silence and repetition in the media, demanding a fresh and truthful approach to reporting on the climate crisis.

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