Red Rebel Brigade of the Salish Sea

About us.

  • Photo Credit: Mike Quinlan (IG @fullstackcontentdesign)

Red Rebel Brigade was devised by Doug Francisco and Justine Squire from Bristol’s Invisible Circus for the Extinction Rebellion Spring uprising April 2019 in London.

These ethereal otherworldly beings came from a slow motion mime show called Blanco that Invisible Circus toured for many years as a street show in the 90’s. Red Rebel Brigade is an evolution of these ghostly all white characters that first processed for the Anti Iraq war demonstrations in 2003.

The choice of red as the colour was part aesthetic and part symbolic, creating a very strong contrasting visual and resonating with emotive responses to the color, red symbolizing blood, danger, passion, stop signs etc.

We parade between different locations improvising with our environment to create tableaux moments as well as beautiful disruptions / distractions.

Keeping it slow and simple created a mournful and engaging spectacle that resonated with the moment in such a way as to become symbolic of the rebellion itself

Red Rebel Brigade has groups in many different countries.