Scientists and allies blockade private jets at Boeing Field

Private jet airports also blockaded at 17 other private airports in 13 countries as part of major COP27 protest

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Seattle, WA  —Scientists alarmed about the climate crisis and their allies have shut down the entrance of the Signature Jets private jet terminal at Boeing Field for 4 hours. They have used tripods and banners to block all vehicle access to the private jet terminal in order to bring attention to the ultra-wealthy’s outsized role in causing catastrophic climate change.

“Taking a private jet while the planet is on fire is utter insanity. The science has been clear for half a century and we have not changed trajectory.” said Will Livernois, a bioelectronics researcher at the University of Washington and member of the group Scientist Rebellion. “The elite who have funded this crisis must pay back what they have taken from our world.”

“We cannot meet our climate targets if the wealthy jet around the globe,” said Brandon Bowersox-Johnson, a climate activist with Extinction Rebellion. “Seattle’s aviation emissions grew 40% over the past decade, threatening our climate and health. Communities near our airports have 5 years shorter life expectancy than the rest of King County and bear an unfair burden of health conditions linked to aviation pollution. Private jets must be banned and Governor Inslee should invest in rail instead of adding a new mega-airport in our region.”

“We demand that private jet travel be restricted. Private jets directly contribute to increased wildfire severity through CO2 emissions. This is a stance all of us who fight on the front lines of climate change should be able to get behind.” said Matthew Wheeler, BioHealth scientist and ex-wildland firefighter from Oregon, founder of Guardian Rebellion. “The wealthy must be held accountable for their chosen ecocide”

The action is happening as part of a coordinated international effort. There are currently scientist-led shutdowns and disruptions happening at 17 private airports occurring in 13 countries. Hundreds of activists have participated at 17 private airports in 3 other US locations (New York City, Charlotte, and Los Angeles) as well as in 12 other countries: Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. 

“The rich are burning down the planet. The damage is irreversible. We must stop them, and obviously it’s past time to ban private jets. It would be a start.” said Dr Peter Kalmus, climate scientist and member of Scientist Rebellion who took part in a concurrent action in Charlotte, NC.

The scientists and activists are demanding a complete ban on mega-yachts and private jets, taxation of frequent flyers, and an introduction of taxes on aviation fuels. According to Oxfam, the world’s richest 1 percent produce more than double the emissions of the poorest 50 percent. This shocking statistic spurred a flurry of criticisms of Kylie Jenner and other A-list celebrities named in the report for excessive private jet use — including 17-minute private flights as reported by an automated Twitter account that tracks celebrity private jet flights. A four-hour flight in a private jet produces as much GreenHouse Gas (GHG) emissions as those produced by the world average person in an entire year.

The protests in Seattle are led by Scientist Rebellion in coalition with Extinction Rebellion and Guardian Rebellion. For more information on the international campaign, visit

Scientist Rebellion relies on financial support for recruitment, capacity building, education, and training from Climate Emergency Fund as well as donations from individual donors around the world. https://www.climate emergency

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Scientists and allies blockade private jet terminal at Boeing Field