Spring Rebellion Kickoff Rally

Time: Sunday, April 23 2023 1PM-3PM

Location: Ruby Chow Park, 1136 S Albro Pl, Seattle, WA 98108

It’s getting harder to ignore: The world is at risk and we must step up to speak for the planet and protect each other. We started our Spring Rebellion with this family-friendly rally the day after Earth Day in synchrony with other XR chapters along the West Coast including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Tuscon. We chose to have our rally next to Boeing Field to bring attention to:

  • The immense emissions of the ultra wealthy, who fly their private jets at this airport
  • Boeing’s role in the military industrial complex and the climate crisis
  • The disproportionate climate and environmental impacts on the local Duwamish River Valley community

This event was a platform for community members who are working for climate justice. Joining us were representatives from local organizations working for social and environmental justice, including:

Resist US-led War–Seattle

Veterans for Peace 92 (Seattle area)

Raging Grannies

Defenders of North Seatac Park

Washington Green Amendment

South Seattle Climate Action Network

Seattle Cruise Control

Seattle Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)

The connection between war and social, climate and ecological harm was made clear. As was the need to come together in these fights.

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